Casualties of Bad Regulation


Nelson Mandella said: "....IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT'S DONE." So we'll adopt the great man's philosophy, that saw him achieve so much in life against his own 'Goliaths', in our quest for PROPER, SEAMLESS, GLOBAL Regulation + restitution, for the casualties, CBRs, who have a result of the improper/negligent/BAD REGULATION!


Definition: 'GFEG' = Global Financial Engineering Goliath [any of the 'big 4' Global accountancy services organisations: E&Y/KPMG/PwC/Deloitte....&/or their associates &/or their Global clients].

Disclaimer: We believe that the information on this website is true but cannot be held responsible for same where information is often difficult to verify due, for example, to the Freedom of Information Act and other Government mechanism said to be for our protection but used to protect themselves and their GFEG-chums!


Thus, this website will continue evolving until all the jigsaw pieces of evidence have been secured and have been presented to the FULLY INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY/Regulators/Courts....and our aims have been achieved. Rather than delay this website until it's 'just right' we decided it should 'evolve-live'. As you return to our website please understand that if some areas are not updated as frequently as we would like - this is due to the need to focus on, in particular, the Case Studies pages where the evidence is being gathered and expanded upon. When in as comprehensive form as possible it will ultimately be transferred to the Public Inquiry page! Therefore, should you also have:

  •     1. a case study/evidence/information you think we must see, or
  •     2. suggestions/thoughts as to how we can improve this website then we will be delighted to receive your email(s). If you are a casualty of bad regulation, CBR, and to some degree most people in the Western economies are now, by virtue of your life having been changed by the conduct of the 'gambling-bankers'/their associates/Governments/regulators....then, in this context, please view this site through the eyes of a CBR and react as your conscience demands. We believe it is the duty of every CBR to ensure that 'democracy' actively includes FAIR treatment at the hands of bankers/lawyers/accountancy organisations and most of all by THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. As we are all probably aware from the articles, regularly posted on the Auditing page of, the USA has a greater appetite for dealing with fraudsters and the like. This following the principles laid down by George Washington, when he said: "The due administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government,". This obviously brings together, as one, Justice and GOOD Government! You cannot have one without the other, and you can't have a democracy without both! 
  • Have you been treated in line with the statement from George Washington, or has the UK Government, via its regulators and Courts, failed you? Has the justice system/Ministry of Justice then failed you by not dealing PROPERLY with the perpetrators? Indeed in 'the Baker's Dozen' cases, and the J S Bass case, the common ingredient being Ernst & Young, the Royal Courts of Justice was 'the vehicle' 'used' by the perpetrators as part of their strategy to misappropriate the assets! Now another series of cases involving Bank of Scotland has come to light via the BBC, journalist Ian Fraser and of course triggered by the demand for justice by the casualties. This brought to 'The Mother of Parliament' by  their MPs, notably James Paice MP who had the debate scheduled.
  • If the Government/Justice System has been part of the injustice you've experienced then we have much in common! Your comments, as ever please, to: Many thanks, in anticipation.



Our AIMS, to:


  • 1. campaign for the present banking model to be split into 2 parts:
  •     (i) EVERY DAY BANKING - the service for the people to carry on their daily banking needs
  •     (ii) INVESTMENT BANKING, what some now term 'gambling-banking'
  • 2. widen the FULLY INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY, initially applied for on the Isle of Man in the early 1990s by the Edwards. Then on 18th June 1998, when face to face with Jack Straw's personal representative, Andrew Edwards, who was conducting the Review of Crown Dependencies. He said he would, amongst other, include in his report the experiences of the Edwards at the hands of BANK OF SCOTLAND/Regulators/Isle of Man Court/Royal Courts of Justice etc. In particular the PERJURY/CONSPIRACTY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE by BoS and the breach of the FSC banking licence issued to Bank of Scotland due to CONFLICTS OF INTEREST(s). All this rendering BoS unfit to hold a banking licence as laid before Alistair Darling [1994]. Again, Jack Straw had another opportunity during this overdue Review of Crown Dependencies to include these issues together with the biased/CONFLICTED judiciary and failure of E&Y/KPMG to do their duty as auditors widening it  into a full UK inquiry.
  • 3. conclude this FULLY INDEPENDENT PUBLIC INQUIRY. In order to do that it will NEED to investigate the failings of the 'bench'/justice system in Isle of Man and Royal Courts of Justice in London - in aiding and abetting PERJURY/CONSPIRACY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE/FRAUDULENT CONVERSION [and the other issues, summarised in Mr Dell-Borg's letter, see Case Studies].
  • 4. .....with your help, by marshaling the support of your MPs/MHKs/authorities, it will NEED to include conclusions as to the part BAD REGULATION has played in just how the ordinary taxpayer in the UK, which includes ISLE OF MAN, has been TAKEN FOR A RIDE/fooled into 'accepting toxic liabilities' in exchange for public funds to prop up a corrupt banking system. This when much of the banking system is now in PUBLIC OWNERSHIP, in all but name, as, without the support of the public's funds it would be bankrupt! Why should future banking profits, from whatever replaces the existing bankrupt system, not go to repay the public's funds + reduce the taxes of the ordinary people? Also, in parallel, to.....
  • 5. act as a catalyst for a Class (or Group) Action against Ernst & Young and KPMG (and the other 'Big 4' Global accountancy organisations should the casualties of their actions provide us with the required case studies/evidence.)



Casualties of Bad Regulation Jigsaw 1

Can you help us to fill in the spaces to get us all from here...

Casualties of Bad Regulation Jigsaw 1 here...

Casualties of Bad Regulation Jigsaw 1

to here, where Global Regulation is effective, SEAMLESS and enforced properly against even the most influential and well connected institutions and individuals!!


Auditors were once believed to be the equivalent of our 'FINANCIAL POLICEMEN' i.e. to keep the financial sector in order. This by auditing/checking the figures and the underlying assets on the balance sheets. Had they done that then the regulators would have stopped the launch of the range of crazy 'financial special vehicles' that have brought the international banking system to the verge of collapse.....including HALIFAX BANK of SCOTLAND.....WHO will be next? When ERNST & YOUNG signed off the accounts of Lehman Brothers on 28th January, 2008 - and KPMG did likewise on 12th February, 2008, at Bradford & Bingley......WHY didn't they qualify them? At what point in the following 7/8 months did Lehman AND BRADFORD & BINGLEY directors realise that they'd taken their last bonuses? So many questions to be answered via the postings on this website, many can only be answered with the perspective that only Government has via STRONG GLOBAL REGULATORS, FULLY INFORMED BY PROPER AUDITS. ONLY WHEN THE AUDIT FUNCTION IS OWNED and RUN BY GOVERNMENTS on our behalf i.e. for the benefit of the people whose funds they are today using to prop up flawed institutions. Only then will a repeat of the present chaos be avoidable.

Again, the curse of Globalisation now requires that all Governments, their auditor-regulators, work together, seemlessly, to avoid the exploitation of loopholes that GFEGs create and then profit from e.g. by them working as consultants for Governments, auditors who do not report crazy conduct and then act as receivers/liquidators when entities like Lehman Brothers go bankrupt as a result of that crazy/greedy conduct which has directly or indirectly cost many hundreds of thousands of UK jobs, and still rising! There has to be a new beginning rather than a fudging of the truth....and more of the same! Do you agree? Whether or not you agree, please email your comments.

This website is one who's time has come! Whereas, years ago, no one, including the Courts, wanted to listen to criticism of the GFEGs e.g. that BANK OF SCOTLAND/KPMG/Ernst & Young/lawyers/judges had acted unethically - now our task is to make sure that the Public Inquiry will listen and will investigate the facts. Articles evidencing that such conduct has spread can be found, amongst others, on AABA. AABA has been a source of encouragement since 16th June 1996 when the initial CBR members first came together as a result of watching Professor Prem Sikka on the Channel 4's Dispatches programme……"The Liquidation Game". Sadly, had the UK Government learned the lessons since the events of 1973/74; The Stock Market Crash of Black Monday, 1987…..etc…….none of this would have happened! Also the BBC Radio 4 programme, Money Box, carries weekly summary of the Worldwide chaos now enveloping us all.

This website has come about, as so many events in history have, as a result of the disquiet at the damage being done to ordinary families by the so called:

  • Sub-prime crisis
  • Credit Crunch

..which history may show were planned events…..planned by those mega wealthy individuals who see financial chaos as a means of making them even more wealthy…..and who have no conscience as to the consequences for those, without whom, no wealth creation would be possible, the 'ordinary' workers! The mega-wealthy/pinstriped predators only get away with their financial engineering scheming because the REGULATORS fail in their duty to stop them i.e. the regulators and therefore Governments, allow it!! Hence the term, adopted by CBR, Global Financial Engineering Goliaths or GFEGs…..because by the nature of tax and financial-planning-engineering-products, actively sold by the so called ‘Big 4' global accountancy organisations, in exchange for LARGE FEES…….I'll say no more here, you can see for yourself by clicking on the tabs above.

Apart from losing a loved one, the most violent act suffered by any family is that of having one's family home repossessed. If you have gone through this tragedy, or are in danger of so doing then, perhaps without realising it until now, you are a CASUALTY OF BAD REGULATION (CBR)…..and may well be interested in joining a potential Class Action [a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group].

If you are a lawyer who has seen the devastation that repossession causes, or know of a lawyer who would be interested in acting for CBR in this Class Action, then please email, in the first instance. The best lawyer for this job is one who has seen a close relative go through the misery that repossession represents. Do you know that lawyer? Are you that lawyer?

The action is to be taken against the new owners of Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, BoS's then auditors Ernst & Young/KPMG and the regulators who have clearly failed to do their job in ensuring that:

  1. banks/lenders
  2. auditors
  3. the legal representatives of 1./2.
…...acted PROPERLY [def'n - in the right manner/with reason or justice].


Nelson Mandella said '.....IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT'S DONE'. So we'll adopt the great man's philosophy, that saw him achieve so much in life against his own 'Goliaths', in our quest for PROPER, SEAMLESS, Global Regulation + restitution, for the casualties, CBRs, who have a result of improper/negligent/BAD REGULATION!